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dt-website-tallNearly 18 months ago, we started to more directly focus on the threat intelligence arena with our leading domain name and DNS data. Cybersecurity breaches have become a major focus of organizations worldwide in recent years, and our clients have proven the value of our data in investigating attacks and securing their networks and systems. To better serve this growing need, we have undertaken major updates to

Specifically, we believe we can better serve you by separating the information describing our solutions from the solutions—our data and tools—themselves. In addition to a new front-end to our website, we’ve consolidated our existing tools into a new area:

Here’s what we changed:

  • The informational and educational pages of our website ( have a new look, new pages, and updated navigation, with:
    • More information about our enterprise-level products and APIs
    • New solutions information and data use cases
    • Resources such as white papers, webinars, user guides, support, and FAQs.
  • Our tools have moved to
    • The research navigation menu has been simplified, making it easier to quickly find your tools by how you use them (Profile, Connect, Monitor, Acquire).
    • Most URLs have changed. Although we have set up redirects to maintain these links, you should still update your bookmarks accordingly.
    • For a quick Whois lookup from our new home page, just click on “Whois” in the menu.
    • The functionality of the tools remains unchanged.

Note: Longtime users who only visit DomainTools for Whois lookups, or who start their research with a Whois lookup, should bookmark And, you can always get there by clicking the ‘Whois’ button in the navigation pane that will persist at the top of every page.

Take a few minutes to explore, and familiarize yourself with the new structure of DomainTools. You’ll find that, while our look and navigation have changed, our commitment to delivering the world’s best domain profile and DNS information, as well as our service commitment to our customers, remain steadfast.

As always, we appreciate feedback.  Feel free to contact us at



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