Looking Back to Look Forward: The Anthem Breach

Part 2 of 2 In Part 1 of this discussion of threat actor analysis, we got some insights into why threat actor analysis has a major role to play in every phase of cybersecurity, from prevention to mitigation to response to monitoring. Today, we’ll take a look at how a key DomainTools partner, ThreatConnect, used DomainTools and other data to develop a very comprehensive profile—and quite possibly the exact identity—of the actors behind one of the largest data breaches ever known, that of Anthem Healthcare, with personal data on some 80 million people released. While the Anthem breach isn’t the […]

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DomainTools.com: The Evolution Continues

Nearly 18 months ago, we started to more directly focus on the threat intelligence arena with our leading domain name and DNS data. Cybersecurity breaches have become a major focus of organizations worldwide in recent years, and our clients have proven the value of our data in investigating attacks and securing their networks and systems. To better serve this growing need, we have undertaken major updates to DomainTools.com. Specifically, we believe we can better serve you by separating the information describing our solutions from the solutions—our data and tools—themselves. In addition to a new front-end to our website, we’ve consolidated […]

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